We are proud to say that we are one of the few societies at the university that holds Open Meetings! These are open to everyone, members and non-members. These will happen every two weeks (date and time TBC).

In addition to the Open Meetings, the SDA organise awesome events. This semester, we are running two series of events: 

1. Workshop Series

2. Webinar Series

Until further notice, all our events will be online. We know, *yawn*, but we're making it work! Upcoming events in 2020/21 will be posted here - watch this space. You can also find the audio recordings by clicking on the events below!

Sustainable Self-Care
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We'd love to hear from you if you would like to organise an event with us. The SDA are open to new collaborations and would be willing to chat about any ideas for future events about sustainable development at the University of Edinburgh.