Drop By Drop: How to Reduce Water Usage in Your Home

10th August, 2020

By Connor Littler, Communications Officer

Illustrations by Christine Davis and Rashi Agarwal, Creative Directors

Although Scotland and the UK as a whole receives vast amounts of rainfall pretty much all year round (which we’re all well aware of), we can still suffer from water shortages.

According to Scottish Water, less than 1% of rainwater is accessible to be distributed for use. This means that any prolonged dry period can lead to stresses on water resources in Scotland.

Water use also increases energy use.

Much of the water we use in our homes is heated, so this uses energy. In fact, water use accounts for 6% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, with 5% caused by heating water in the home (the remaining 1% is transport and treatment).

With climate change, there are likely to be more frequent and longer dry spells in the coming years, meaning that it is more important than ever for us, the general public, to be economical with our water usage.

So, here are a few simple changes you can make that will reduce your own water usage:

Visit Scottish Water’s website for more tips and advice.

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