Student MedAID

4th September 2020 // Alba Saenz de Villaverde & Shazlin Shek Daud 

For many years, we’ve known climate change is a significant public health threat. Our lifestyles have threatened not only the health of the planet but, ironically, our own as well. Paradoxically, medicine itself, the apparent...

Sustainability Check on Rural India

4th August 2020 // Raghav Garg

As a Geography student, India is the perfect place to conduct research into the sustainability of people’s lifestyles. My childhood has been amazing. From living in the heart of the ‘leather’ city of Kanpur...

How Covid-19 has encouraged rapid de-regulation of environmental protections and what is on the line if something doesn’t change.

Jair Bolsonaro was elected as the 38th president of Brazil in January of 2019. His campaign ran on a ...

Slavery Hasn't Stopped

9th July 2020 // Lucy Phillips

Statues are falling. The tragic murder of George Floyd by police officers has prompted a re-examination of whom we memorialise. The news has been filled with reports about statues of slave owners, slave traders and anyone perceived as having been historically ...

Pride Month

30th June 2020 // Rashi Agarwal

Everywhere we look, this month displays the vibrant shades of the rainbow celebrating identity, equity, inclusion and diversity. This reminds us of how far we have come on the path towards LGBTQ+ rights and equality. These colours are also an inspiration to the work that is ...

A Guide to Intersectional Environmentalism

23rd June 2020 // Emma Schoenmakers

Caring about the planet wasn't invented in 21th century Europe.

For hundreds of years, people around the world from Indonesia to Kenya, Ecuador or the USA have engaged in various ways to use only what is given to us by nature and reuse products until no more can be done ...

Climate Justice means Racial Justice.

16th June 2020 // Francesca Bracci

Black Lives Matter applies to every institution and structure that currently exist in our societies. Currently, we speak of abolishing the police, a structure that historically has roots in slave patrols that maintained the submission of slaves. After...

World Environment Day 2020

5th June 2020 // Lucy Phillips

Today, 5th June 2020, is World Environment Day. This year’s theme is ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’, an urgent call to protect biodiversity. 

What is biodiversity? It describes the variety of life on Earth. It encompasses the 8 million species on the planet – the ecosystems that house them ...

Earth Day 2020

22nd April 2020 // Lucy Phillips

22nd April 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, organised to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

The theme for this Earth Day is Climate Action and 'centering the leadership and abundance of indigenous wisdom'. Earthdaynetwork and Culturestrike are teaming up to commission art from Indigenous artists and ...