Student Society Award, Edinburgh Sustainability Awards 2015 Awarded 'Best New Society' at the eusa Society Awards 2015

EUSDA offers the opportunity for undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and others to share their passion for sustainable development.


EUSDA represents the aims and aspirations of the Sustainable Development degree as well as educating anyone with an interest in this important topic. We offer a wide range of events from academic events to our beloved socials! It is guaranteed that there will be something to keep you coming back!


Being linked to the Sustainable Development staff on campus we offer networking opportunities and a chance to bring people of all levels within the University together to collaborate and learn from one another.


EUSDA were ecstatic to receive the award for 'Best New Society' at the EUSA Society Awards 2015.  We were up against strong competition, but our nominations highlighted the great work we have done this year, including being the successful recipient of a grant from the University's SRS Department; running our Weekend of Workshops; Whitelee Wind Farm visit and our great socials (amongst many other fantastic events!)

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